Linda C Moore

Honoring this Place and the People

I was born on land that belongs to the Duwamish Peoples, lived as a baby on an Island in the Northern tip of Lummi territory, “Klu-whit-eton”, which means “abundant native oyster” now ‘known’ as Patos Island and I currently live on Vashon Island, a place of incredible beauty, that sits within the Salish Sea.   A Land and Water that is of the Coast Salish People; The Swiftwater People- Puyallup Tribe. As I learn the history and ecology of this place, as a descendant of Scotch-Irish, British and German settlers, it is important that I learn to honor the First Nation's People and remember that they were forcibly removed from these places, by my ancestors, that they had been in relationship with for over 10,000 years. I am dedicated to doing the work of sacred reciprocity and reparations for the healing of generations of trauma. I am truly sorry for the trauma and harm my ancestors and I have caused and will continue to work toward breaking this cycle of harm and oppression.

I am a Student of Life

I am a student of the Wild places within.  I am grateful for Hummingbird, Owl, Coyote and Whale, crazy for Trees and for Nettle and all their ways of teaching me.   I am grateful for the gift of Plant knowing, and the understanding of the cycles of the seasons, for deep listening and sharing beauty with beauty for beauty, in a state of action that is called Love.

When I can tend to my practice of sitting or quietly walking in the wood, sitting in sacred council for others, tending to and receiving harvest of plant foods and medicines- I know I am being guided, and watched and welcomed by our more-than-human-relations.   My Gratitude runs deeply within every cell of my body.

Sacred Witness

I listen and hold space for others to do their work.   The power of change emerges from within. 

We do not need to 'change the world'  we have been doing this for far too long,  we only need to change ourselves... or to put it a bit differently... to uncover our True nature- to see the World and each other in a new way.

The journey takes courage and the passion of a fool.   The journey awaits your readiness to step into The Mystery.    I am interested in your commitment to your own transformation, I am in service to witness, ask questions, as they arise and encourage you along your way.

I am ordained as a Minister of Walking Prayer through the Center For Sacred Studies- 2015, certified Yoga Teacher through Samadhi Yoga- 2005, student and teacher of traditional crafts, storyteller, song carrier and proud Auntie to 12 amazing humans and a grand Aunt to two wee ones.

in council- witness the subtle work

that comes through- calling in a prayer

for balance

in tending the heart- a slow unfolding

small steps within a fragile field

trust allows connection

welcomes Love

Petal & Tip

A harvest through the season, with a focus on the medicinal qualities of our local flora. In 2019 there are 12 open CSA (Community Supported Ag) shares. The shares will be delivered or shipped once a month from May-Nov. If you live in King Co, Washington your share will include freshly harvested food and medicinal plants, a braid of garlic, hand-crafted seasonal pesto, salves and oil infusions. If you live outside the county I can ship dried herbs & plant preparations & garlic braid. your ‘basket’ will be filled with what is in season and what I have crafted at that time- so there is an added bit of mystery within this relationship.

I will also be offering some of my wares at the local Farmer’s Market in 2019.

A Path, Unfolding, As I Walked

I extend my deepest Gratitude to all my Teachers, there have been many and some with much patience for my way of learning and taking in the information.  One Thousand Thank Yous to Kathleen Hunt- you helped to nurture my dedicated practice at Samadhi Yoga.    I am ever grateful to Jyoti, Darlene Hunter, Jen Nealon Garone and all the teachers I was introduced to through my two year study with The Center for Sacred Studies.  To the wisdom of the Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers- a deep bow-I will be forever changed by your wise & generous teachings; to the works/teachings of Joanna Macy, Satish Kumar,  Robin Wall Kimmerer,  Jack Kornfield, Pema Chodron- a deep bow to you, for your work has greatly influenced me and nurtured my emerging in beautiful ways.  There are a few women and men who opened my eyes at a time when I was deeply searching for a sense of belonging in this world- it was the early 90's, I was in my early 30's and I found the work of brilliant thinkers and doer's through reading Thinking Like A Mountain- Towards A Council Of All Beings by Joanna Macy, John Seed, Pat Flemming and Arne Ness, Spiral Dance by Starhawk, Reinventing Eve by Kim Chernin.  These gems opened me up to a world where I felt I was from, in and welcomed.

when my heart whispers to be still
to experience with my full body
I am learning to listen.
that connection of wingtip an inch
from glassy surface of ocean under swell
water and bird and I are one
with breath
with motion
with flight
hearts entwined through grace
that precious moment
we are alive

Point Reyes Seashore 2012

Cultivating a practice of deep listening- a path as unique as the one who walks it.

In my early 40's I stepped into a yoga studio, letting go of the painful memory of a few difficult yoga classes tried 3 years prior.  This studio, in Seattle, offered two months unlimited practice for 99$- I jumped in.  After the two months, I then signed on for a two month intro at Samadhi Yoga.  After 4 months of classes three times a week I felt things change in my body- an awareness of movement, of breath, of a relational existence that I was a part of.  In 2004 I stepped into the 9 month teacher training with Kathleen Hunt- deepening my self study- searching... searching...  A deep Love, self Love, Love of life and the essence of all things began to emerge.  This was so new to me.

In the winter of 2004 after a 9 day silent meditation retreat I began a monthly commitment to a 24 hour period of silence that guided me into a one year practice of deep listening.  Living in a city with all of its sounds, busily bustling around me, I began to hear the call of a songbird within the sounds of airplanes overhead and cars, buses and people.  I came to an understanding that I needn't push away something that I didn't think should be there to hear the sounds I wanted to hear (read: a deeper understanding of the calm within the chaos) there was space for it all and in my calm-abiding silence, I was able to take it all in with a peaceful heart and mind.  My canine companion and I would take a weekly journey, by bus, to Seward Park wood to explore the wood through all the seasons.  This nurtured my communing with the Trees, and Stella's communing with the Water!  My 50th birthday opened me up to stepping toward a big transition- out of the city to Vashon Island.  Stepping in to the Mystery.  A friend who lived there with two boys was in need of community assistance.  I was in a place that I felt I could say yes to being there for her, another friend's Mother lived on the island and had a small cabin I could live in, for work exchange.  It was July 2010 and I found myself living on Vashon, surrounded by Water, Trees, Nature. quest- who am I, in relation to (what I now refer to as) the more than human relations?

I was now in a place that held a quality of quiet that I had not yet experienced.

I have been held by this magical place since moving here in 2010 and I can say that I truly feel this is Home.   I am here for my community, for the love and kindness that I have received- I am forever grateful.


For the blessings of working with others: I Give Thanks!

"Linda is a gentle soul with a vibrant heart that carries the gift of song.  She's authentic in her approach and I love her diligence in sharing the origins and creators of the songs she shares with the community, making sure that its history and source are not lost in the process.  I always look forward to the opportunity to be with Linda and learn to become a channel for musical medicine." Talitha

"I have participated in several of Linda's song circles and I always appreciate how she walks and shares from a deep reverence for life, this comes through strong in the songs she carries." K.D.


Walk in gentle power

Linda C Moore

Vashon Island