Simmering French Onion Soup while dreaming Nettle

The rich hues of a story, crafted with the skill of a smith, read in the dark of winter open one to a way of fueling the inner fires, tending. Tending to the memory of a time- thousands of years ago, to a place- a recall and a plant to that which I can smell with its rich spring green, tiny hairs that tickle if touched just softly enough- the tingling comes later as if to remind me of my day... mineral rich green gives way to flowers that say "don't eat me now" and nodding seed-laden stalks in fall to collect when green for winter stores.

Smells so rich they linger and meld with the long slow cooking of 3# of onions – caramelizing in olive oil and butter or the like and salt, soften the hard edges of night. (The salt invites a sweating of the thinly sliced onions).

The soup has been simmering for two days- with a cool down time half way through- just the sweetened onions, water, salt and pepper- the onions have almost melted into the broth. Soup at near complete after 12 hours at a slow simmer. I introduce two long squeezes of the Braggs bottle along with the deep green and sage of Rosemary and simmered 3o minutes more. This ladled over a grated hard cheese and two crisped bread rounds- too hot to eat- so after a few moments the crisps have swollen full of the broth and I cannot wait any longer! Sweet and savory, salty and warm- a nourishing meal in one bowl. In two days I will heat the soup to share with friends and at that time I will add a few fresh sprigs of Thyme from the garden.

This soup is best when it has the luxury of two days cook time. The caramelizing can be a two hour, slow love affair- so carve out some time to linger and dance, write and sing you both alive!

Tonight I savor this bowl of soup while dreaming of freshly emerging deep green- purple dusted Nettle...

She holds us in her knowing

undeniable strength

Listen... can you hear

Her breathe? The air

thick with teaching

It is

through everything- she breathes

through everything she creates

through everything she dreams

through everything- she rests

through everything- she connects

through everything- she roots

through everything- she centers

Linda C Moore