when I forget to sing

when I forget to sing

my mind wanders

to gravel dust and murky waters

my breath shortens

my body folds


when I forget to sing

Deer and Bird pass

without notice

Trees tower as I see their darkness

when I forget to sing


Then- there is this moment

a feeling rises- of simple measure

simple gesture from another- well received

makes its way into my heart

warms me to a place of Gratitude

in the moment- a tear releases as I walk

an evening candlelit path

through the dark wood

the golden key unlocks a door

something bubbles up- loosening all the

stuck parts

memory draws deep a tune

from a heart-full of song


Yes and I sing

voice- shaky- at first

always is- in the presence of the Trees

trembles as the shadow is

revealed through light- reflected

the Tree is breath- rising and falling

the River- in my veins

this Heart beats to the Earth's

Heartbeat- Love is all around

Our voices- an arch of song

Blessed Solstice

Linda C Moore 2017