Petal & Tip 2019

Harvest through the seasons with a focus on local plants as food & medicine

Petal & Tip 2019

Fruition of a Vision

I am a harvester, have been for many moons.  I love to share in the harvest, from the plants I have helped tend to, whether it be freshly picked veggies or dried herbs to cooking a meal for/with friends.   In 2019 I am realizing a dream: I will harvest through the season, with a focus on the medicinal qualities of our local flora- well that part is not new to me… but the exciting new aspect is that I will be harvesting for others!  In 2019 there are 12 CSA (Community Supported Ag) shares open. The shares will be delivered or shipped once a month from May-Nov. If you live in King Co, Washington your share will include freshly harvested food and medicinal plants, dried herbs (culinary and medicinal) a braid of garlic, hand-crafted seasonal pesto, salves and oil infusions.  If you live outside King County I can meet you at a place that works for both of us or ship dried herbs & plant preparations, garlic braid and any concoction that I am brewing that is shelf-stable. Either way- your ‘basket’ will be filled with what is in season and what I have crafted at that time. There is an added bit of mystery within this relationship, I am hopeful that this excites you to say Yes!

A glimpse of the coming year’s harvest…

This winter has me dreaming of fresh & dried nettle tops, cottonwood bud oil/salve, seasonal pesto- nettle, cilantro, parsley & basil- each one dairy & nut free, fireweed, red alder bark, douglas-fir tips, dried rose petals & buds, rose hips, tulsi, thyme, rosemary, lavender, calendula, hawthorne flower, leaf & berry, mugwort, black elderberry, narrow-leaf plantain, evergreen huckleberries & leaf, mullein leaf & flower, dandelion root, thimbleberry leaf.  Romaine lettuce- full heads, strawberries, Nootka rose soft-neck garlic, onions, hand-crafted fire cider, elixirs, extracts & healing salves, savory cooking salts/rubs, worm juice fertilizer ...yes, I harvest this too!, fresh-cut flowers and much that has yet to emerge.

CSA Shares- specifics

The way this CSA will work is with your upfront investment towards the coming season.  This enables me- the ‘farmer/harvester’ to get the season started, build needed infrastructure, tend to the cultivated crops, gently bushwack my way to places of safe & sustainable harvests to dry, cure and craft- all to share with you.  Much of what I will harvest will be processed and dried by my hands in a clean open-air environment. You have a choice of which level of support you feel good about. The price breakdowns are based on a system of gifting- some will have the ability to pay more, which supports others to pay less.  All of this then supports my work throughout the year. You choose the level you are comfortable with.

I have an opening for one share to be work trade- for 6-8 hours of work a month, on Vashon Island, please reach out to me asap to talk about this.

Share subscriptions are due by Feb 12th

I am open to payment plans, if this is helpful to you

Yes, Sign me up!

A W E S O M E !!  Your monthly ‘basket’ of wonderful delights will be delivered or shipped* once a month from May-November 2019 Please be in touch, if you want to know more, thank YOU!

A Bit of Linda’s Story...

I began to tend a patch of earth behind my  apartment, on Capitol Hill in Seattle, in 1994.  I would brew my morning tea and carry my bowl of oats down to that place of quiet stillness, protected by fenced dwellings on all sides.  On days that i had free i would stay there and work the soil, planting, tending, listening and harvesting. On those days i would rarely see another human.  This place fed me, in a deep way, during a time of growth. I remembered walking out to my Great Grandmother’s raspberry patch when I was 16, and harvesting from our garden that my Mother so lovingly tended.  I remember the first harvest of kale- from this newly tended city garden at 34, i was so excited to eat kale, fresh from the garden! I added the fresh harvest to my meal, and the first bite was….wow….too strong!  I am laughing now, at my first taste in many years of a FRESHLY picked leafy-green. I tucked the rest in the fridge and a few days later it tasted more like what i had been used to, from the market. I thought about this and it was my first understanding of how much is lost in the packing and shipping time/distance of industrially-farmed food.   

Since that time I have grown.  My roots are deeply nourished by soil, by water and sun.  I have an understanding of what I am drawn to grow with, to tend and to harvest and store.  I have found that this living in sync with the seasons, in relationship with the plants and all other more-than-human-beings, has been an integral part of my healing the deep woundings i have carried.   I am eternally grateful to be living with this place of beauty, to be dedicated to tending to the soil of this precious Earth and all that is required for plant-life to grow and thrive. In this tending, Love grows.

Here on Vashon I have had the blessing of tending a small patch of soil within a larger farm, of mostly blueberries.  This is the beginning of the 5th year. It has been a slow process to build the soil, define the beds, learn what grows best in this vast open patch of full sun and constant breezes.  This is the year that i dedicate time there, rather than stolen moments- i envision my thermos of coffee and oats to begin the day...

This is the third year for the asparagus that i offered to this soil, the 3rd and 4th year of Sambucus nigra and strawberries, 3rd year of garlic and the 2nd year of mugwort.  It will be the first year that i invite Tulsi to grow here, after a successful harvest of Tulsi in a greenhouse on another farm last season I am excited to try it out in the open air.  As for the 30’ asparagus bed that I have been tending- I will know, in the spring whether this will be apart of the offering or something to look forward to in 2020,. Some of the best things make us wait.

Today I am blending kale, parsley, cilantro and garlic into a pesto with olive oil, walnuts, nutritional yeast, thyme, salt and pepper.  All but 4 ingredients are from my locally blessed harvest. I reflect on the goodness that comes through and in the coming year I look forward to dedicating my work to share some of this goodness with my community.

In Service to radical growth & wholeness through food,

Linda Moore

Vashon Island Washington