I awoke, this morning, with the image of many- preparing sacred flower mandalas on screen frames. We walked these offerings to the Water's edge, walked them into the Salish Sea and immersed the frames into the Water, slowly, to see the mandalas float on the Waters surface. This was a prayer, from my heart on World Water Day, as I woke. Today, I will go to Water and offer a song and flowers.


The art of crafting sacred mandala is steeped in many living traditions ...a way of prayer, of grounding, balance, an honoring of our personal process as well a gift to the world, an act of forgiveness, gratitude, honoring grief and transitions. The focused work teaches us presence in the moment- a slowing down, a way of deep listening and the impermanence of all things- a deep humbling prayer, honoring sacred ground- as you are. Each mandala comes out beautifully different and vibrates with the essence of your intention.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Self-care and transformation as you rekindle your creative force.  Nature immersion is tonic for the soul, at times it is needed, this time of being with ourselves, giving room for deep contemplation.  As I work, in silence and in song, a sense of timelessness washes over me- a form of meditation that nurtures my practice of deep listening and reciprocity.  The work, for me, is in sharing my gratitude and walking away- without knowing what will come of the work after I am gone.  The physical work of the Mandala may fade or be changed by the elements- but the prayer remains in my heart and I see shifts and open to insights, showing me a thread of connection with something Greater.

When we gather with others, who seek sacred time for release and renewal, we are allowing ourselves to be seen, and to witness.  Both can nurture a deeper longing, Song and Art guiding us through our hearts, to a place of deep presence, of reverence.  Mandalas can be a form of Sacred reciprocity and when worked on within community, we step into a co-creation that aligns with the ways of the-more-than-human-relations.  Mandalas map ways that we are and can continue to do this work, individually and collectively, through Song and Prayer, with a focus of healing and action for the Waters, for the Earth, for all Her creatures, a deeply held prayer for balance and integration, that honors Beauty with Beauty.

each moment from all sides rushes to us the call to love --Rumi