Spring Mating Rituals

Nature is full on- in between each raindrop- in a courtship tango -sometimes in mid air.  Owl calls- from tree to tree- close proximity and cooing.  A mated pair of Juncos flitting about to find just the perfect moss and then long strips of dry matter to shape and line a nest in a hanging basket just outside this window-  a courtship ritual in it's forth season.  A drive in the car- with the window open just so, rounding a corner to hear a symphony of song birds calling in the rain- calling that the sun will shine through soon... or delighted in the shower.

This is the time of year that I re-kindle a courtship with the soil and plants, critters and such in the garden.  The garden where a 'weed' can grow, a flower seed, a place where I can take breaks for day dreamings and watch Eagle and Raven fly.  Sometimes I can only stop by to tend for a few stolen moments, to plant some seeds or add a cart full of compost and a burlap cover... these meetings on the fly end up being very productive and nurturing.  Each time I come it is as though a faerie has been to help us out :)

I am reminded that Sparrows mate for life and there is a yearly ritual these birds partake to enliven their courtship... one has to woo the other each spring, and one will side up, close, to another sparrow just to get the courtship ritual going.  I have watched this take place, after reading about it and it is adorable.  I like to think of the mating ritual of the sparrow as a teaching that to add ritual to our relationships is to enliven our heart-connection.  Another courtship that I love to watch is the dance of the bee on a flower- intoxicating!  In what ways do you court your garden, honor the seasons as they transition from one to the next?  Are there ways that you honor the return of the Osprey and Eagle, the flower of the Madrone or the sighting of the first lizard or snake?  In what ways do you court your own heart wanderings?  Do you sing to the River, long for the flower-scented air of a meadow, offer Beauty to Beauty?  May you tend to your inner heart in ways that nurture, may you walk in gentle power. 


Mating Dance

chocolate sun

touches tongue -awakens dormancy

birds arrive as winter gives way

to spring’s first touch

as air warms her hips seem to sway a bit more

do you notice?

every year the sparrow must

dance for mate

one gives a showing of all it has

all the while, the other sits

awaiting that move that moves

can I move my body in waves

in ways that glimpse an inner fire

will you move in ways that tell me

to move towards you as you move toward me.

the hummingbird dives

from the tip of the highest tree

nearly hits the ground only to fly




sets sights as sun alights

fuchsia band for thee

this dance in flight

vigorously executed until

the other takes wing

your vivid radiance

as heart opens to the dance

this chance to speak

through moves

through waves

energy rises

as I touch your face with my


I see you for the first time

as you look my way

I see myself – Anew.

do not forget the dance

as you look my way

become abstracted as face


words cannot capture

the moment

we take flight as one.



This morning I stood

in awe

of giant Madrone

massive trunks, outstretched

toward the sky.

I stood there

feet in place

just shy the distance

of her height.

I asked her: "how long

have your roots danced

into this Earth? this place?"

She answered

by way of sensations

she sent through

roots below my feet

All writings, unless otherwise noted are by: Linda C Moore.  Please give credit if you share, Thank you!

Love those quick, precious moments, deep breaths and heart wanderings.

Photo credit: Andra

Photo credit: Andra