Woman- of a Thousand Snakes


You come from a long- unbroken line

of Women

You carry in your blood

Centuries of Knowing


Lay down in that place

Tears spilling into the Soil


You know the Earth receives

Your bleeding.  Her bleeding.

She also needs your tears

Tears held within the

Innermost linings of your soul

A grief to match the depths

Of vast Seas

Oceans of Tears

Thunder of Screams

Rain like no other

Flooding the fields

Before the til of first Spring


Your body knows the rage

Of a Thousand Snakes

Trapped within your silence

Waiting-  waiting.   Writhing

Longing to be ac-knowledged

Rage fueled by Love

Will Rise

Will Rise

From your deeply-held


Will Rise

Through Your Voice

Fed by the sounds of

Your Soul's Song.