To Be of Use

Listen.   A message within the words

Leave your want to read between

The lines- looking for a way

To be of use


This is a different time

A time to shed stories

That don't fit anymore- Like

That old soft rag of a shirt

So hard to throw away


What would that space allow

To come in?  Listen.

The wind rustles the strands

Of hair covering your ears

Listen.  What is the quietest sound

You hear?  A clear

Beacon- beckoning us forward- To

This moment


Out of a story long ago played

Step into




The Children call out your

Name- within a dream

Wake up to a song sung

Sweetly by a choir- Waiting.

For us to Listen.

As the song weaves us

Together-  As the song

Weaves us together

As the song weaves


2018 Linda C Moore