i will take risks

this cloak of comfort- supported by silence

is to me a sleeping giant of complacency

this cloak- thought invisible

seen by those it harms

only invisible to me, until i…

this cloak is human made- made of fear

resists all the rules of Nature

this cloak is human made- to secure

a status within a system of patriarchy

resists all rules of Nature

not built in ignorance- but within

a plan of power to support an elite few

what would it take for me to shed

to shred within my being

generations of racial bias

a bias passed down- a bias

that bought me unearned advantage-

through murder and oppression

a bias that informs my unconscious actions

thus doing harm

by way of inactions as well

i can say that i did not do the wrongs of many years ago

i’d be wrong- i carry the memory of those before me

and by hiding under this cloak that they designed

i continue the cycle of harm- by passing it

to future generatins.

every morning- as i wake

i rededicate myself to the work- within-

to transform my bias’  But First-


i will not wait-

for another to call me out

i will- continously- check myself.

challenge myself.

not to be ‘a better human’

but to take risks

i will sit and Listen

to take risks

i will sit and listen

linda c moore

february 10, 2019