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It is that time of year, here in the Salish Sea/Cascadia region, where the forest floor is alive with delicious Spring new growth. A slight overlap of the Nettle harvest finds me finishing up with this year’s nettle harvest while hand picking the delicate sprouts, shoots and leaves of spring renewal. the body has been in the dark, cold months for a time and these spring beauties will assist the body in flushing the stagnant, clearing the way while preparing you to receive nourishment. I have found a wild salad blend that my body is now craving for every meal. A blend of the wild and cultivated, of bitter, sour, spice and sweet. The key is in harvesting the tender young growth (example: I wouldn’t mix tender young dandelion with over-wintered kale leaves)

When harvesting wild greens I approach an ethical & healthy harvest and take into consideration place & surroundings, forest soil health, wild critter dependence while working with a song of Gratitude (the plants love it when we sing to them!). Most importantly giving gratitude to the generations of people who have harvested and passed their knowledge to others, it s in the sharing that we can learn to care for ourselves and our family with local, seasonal foods.

A Bit of the WIld Salad Recipe (measurements are approx for one serving)

10-12 dandelion leaves

small handful of sour sorrel

4-5 young kale leaves

small handful of chickweed tops (optional)

small handful of miner’s lettuce (optional)

small handful of big-leaf maple sprouts (optional)

small handful wrinkled curly cress (or another spicy young mustard green)

a few hand-picked edible flowers (unwashed)

1/4 to 1/2 avocado cubed

olive oil and 1/4 fresh lemon

after washing and straining I cut all greens in a wide ribbon cut and toss them together in a bowl. drizzle olive oil and squeeze lemon juice and toss. I also sprinkle a dash of salt while tossing. The cutting in smaller bites helps to blend the flavors together.

Enjoy this salad (optimal- 15 minutes) prior to main meal

In Service to Radical Growth & Wholeness Through Local Food,

Linda C Moore

Tender & Provisioner of the Cultivated & Wild

Petal & Tip

Vashon Island